Absolute Relative Time-track

There once was a timeline and now it is a two railed timetrack

time warps on one and does not reverse or repeat on the other

the warped track is relative while the straight one is very absolute

time as you know it does not exist yet it effects all ten dimensions

their brains can sense the first five and our other minds’ the second

movement slows time at an invisibly noticeable level to undo pretend

quantummetric dimensions of our reality with ten correlating perceptions

without time in the mix how can you in anything be completely resolute

relativity does not mean that nothing matters or that we can kill our brother

it means that all matter is directly connected and everything counts is a fact.

Dilated time can only be experienced by us with expending of kinetic energy

clocks were invented to mark time though it had just given a relative birth

there is only one you and with it you will get only one addendum

your age will never reverse and there are no second verses

how much time do you spend thinking about the future

that is a form of time travel in a way not yet so clear

it’s fun to dream of star treked parallel multiverses

please don’t go on with reductio ad absudum

like you and everyone else on our Earth

we were all once liquid red electricity.


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