Public Peace Poetry

This is the real thing

this is not a drill

this is the beginning

of the end of the kill.

You are my accomplice

you have been all along

i didn’t know it aether

i was just singing my song.

Here is your chance to brandish your bold

with a secret flash mob schreeking mission

the story will be in the aethersphere and re-told

from the Peace capital of Earth Day here is a Vision.

You’ll be helping to let revolutionary history begin,

with the internet + poetry you =ly contribute your voice

poems of positive protest will be read very loud again

scheek at the public transit station in the city of your choice.

With packs of poets and impassioned true-blood friends

your objective is a display of creative peace activism

you will be transmogrifying what has already begun

words of positive peace and responsible hedonism.

Transubstansiatiate at transit stations with each other

observe silence with wheels approaching and leaving

take this sacred relative time to sense your sister and brother

then there is no train or bus your voice should be schreeking.

Why should you do this ?

why should you care ?

What if i’m usually right ?

and you didn’t take the dare ?

How is something like reality suspend when most people never knew it existed

this is the place to see the future in action and when you do, you can’t get arrested

It’s the only place on earth you can buy a $ 100 Latte and get a free lunch too

of your voices will reverberate and transmogrify your own personal aethersphere.

The echo of your howling will lead to a posting with the hidden location

this will be like no place on Earth because reality is suspended upon entering

your ‘likes’ will be forever recorded to say that you helped me name the museum

at the end of each poem schreek as loud as you can “Give us  Sunchild and Moonbeam.”


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