Forward Mass Progress

Ten ways you can help with the forward progress of human civilization:

 Eat organic fruits & veggies and torture free meat
Wear clothing that is label and slave labor free
Get off the power grid and reduce your pollution
Join the Peace Corps instead of the military war corps
Avoid doing business with publicly traded corporate vultures
Turn your businesses into not-for-profit ventures
Turn off your t.v. and walk through the black door
Join a movement and continue the peaceful revolution
Sell all of your stocks and bonds and invest locally
Buy local art when you need to give yourself a treat.

Ten indicators to determine if you are part of the mass population:

     You believe in democrat or republican content
You vote and complain about our pseudo democracy
You believe the war on terror is just as it seems
Your credit rating is very important as well as your net worth
You drink bottled water, eat fast food and believe you’re still smart
You spend more time with t.v. than reading books or creating art
You believe America is the only great country on Earth
You are passionate about professional sports teams
You pay your federal taxes happily and diligently
You have a mortgage, car payments or rent.

Please re-post at will for those who are seeking ultra social realization:


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