David J. @ Chez Poulet’

An Intimate Evening with David J of Bauhaus/Love & Rockets 

You are invited to have dinner with the legendary avant guardist, David J.  As lyricist and bass player to ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ with Bauhaus, and other underground classics, he is considered by many to have written the first gothic song/album.  He will be the guest of honor at an intimate dinner for 50 at the super secret underground Mission headquarters of Radio Valencia, Chez Poulet’, that will include a live performance with his band.  

Chicken John Rinaldi, author of the recently published ‘The Book of the Is‘ and Radio Valencia puppet master, will be your emcee for the evening. Enjoy a five course family style meal specially prepared by resident chef David Barzely as Chicken John guides your tasting and listening experience.  The evening will begin with doors opening at 7:30, 1st course at 8:00 and 5th at 10:00. (opening acts to be announced). 

In the very likely event you’ll feel like making a long night of it, your ticket also serves as entry to Dancing Ghosts : the Darkwave Dance Party later that evening at the Cat Club.  Advance tickets are only $50 and they are going…..  This special event is presented by Radio Valencia DJs and word of mouth only. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance ! No tickets will be available at the door.  Tickets Available Here : all funds support underground commercial free radio and the David J experience.   

Listen to October 17, 2011 Radio Valencia Interview with David J and the world premiere of the title track from the new album ‘Not Long for this World


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