Thermodynamic Constitutional Philosophy

Join Aslan and Jennifer Mondays at noon in conversation about how Philosophy, Art and Physics commingle to form our individual and collective global consciousness.

Today’s Topic:

The Non-Summer Summer

Why Heat Extrapolates Everything

Most Thermodynamics Do Matter

Philosophically Patriotic Meetup

Constitutional Conundrums

 Cultural Cannabis Jobation

Special Guest:

Martin D. Carcieri is a tenured Associate Professor of Political Science, specializing in Constitutional Law and Political Theory. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Cal State Los Angeles, a J.D. from UC Hastings, and a Ph.D. from UC Santa Barbara, and taught previously at the University of North Florida and the University of Tennessee.

Play List:
Hot in the City – Billy Idol
It Could Be Sunshine – Love and Rockets
Summer Time Rolls – Jane’s Addiction
Summer in the City – Butthole Surfers
Cruel Summer – Bananarama
Hot Hot Hot – The Cure
Shine- Depeche Mode


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