Punk Rock Pyramid Power

Join Aslan and Jennifer Monday’s at noon in conversation about how Philosophy, Art and Physics commingle to form our individual and collective global consciousness.

Special Guest V. Vale* of RE/Search

 Today’s Topics

Pyramid Power

San Francisco Punk Power

How Punk Rock Changed the World

Surrealism not quite explained

The Power of Poetry

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Were Desperate- X
Punk Rock Girl- Dead Milk Men
Blue Pyramid- Psychic T.V.
Caribou- Pixies
Burning Down the House- Talking Heads
I Love Living in the City– FEAR
Viva Las Vegas- Dead Kennedys
Disorder- Joy Division

*Wiki Page Entry: V. “Valhalla” Vale is a writer, keyboard player and, as Vale Hamanaka, was a member of the initial configuration of Blue Cheer, prior to that band becoming famous as a power trio. He is the publisher and primary contributor to books and magazines published by his company, RE/Search Publications. “Valhalla” Vale, who is the host of the television talk show Counterculture Hour on Public-access television cable TV channel 29 in San Francisco. studied English at UC Berkeley, and is a Japanese-American.

RE/Search Publications is an American magazine and book publisher, based in San Francisco, founded and edited V. Vale in 1980. It was the successor to Vale’s earlier punk rock fanzine Search & Destroy (1977–1979), and was started with $100 from Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. RE/Search itself began as a tabloid-sized magazine.


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