Operation: Phony Anonymous

Art + Physics + Philosophy = Consciousness


April 15, 2013

Operation: Phony Anonymous


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Today’s Topics

Join Aslan as he explores the nature of consciousness and how philosophy, art and physics commingle to form what we understand as reality.

Is Anonymous Real ?

Israel Hacked: Anonymous

Who’s Behind the Mask ?

Hacktavist Shmaktivist

Operation Phony Anonymous

Pseudonym VS. Moniker


Play List

DJ’uliuz – Anonymous 2011 – Radio Edit
Three Days Grace – Anonymous
Bobby V. – Anonymous
Man Without Country – Closet Addicts Anonymous
Medeski, Martin & Wood – Anonymous Skulls
Stereolab – Anonymous Collective
Mark Wills – Rednecks Anonymous
Fawkesakes – Anonymous Ideals
Ghosts of August – Sincerely, Anonymous
Deception Of A Ghost – Anonymous
Jets To Brazil – Mid-Day Anonymous
Sleater-Kinney – Anonymous
Spacehog – Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous – Mr. Anonymous
Everyday Sunday – Untitled, Anonymous


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