Potemkin Propaganda

Art + Physics + Philosophy = Consciousness
August 12, 2013
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Today’s Topics

Nature of Propaganda
Pet shop Boys Interview

Effect of Propaganda on Consciousness

Marching in Cohesion

Quantum Group Think

Operation Paperclip

Play List

Apocalypse Theatre – Cain or an Open Vein
dB+1 – Suicide Bomber
The Faint – Agenda Suicide
Gravediggaz – 1-800 Suicide
Metallica – Fade To Black
Nine Inch Nails – The Art Of Self Destruction, Part One
Nine Inch Nails – Self Destruction, Part Two
Nine Inch Nails – Self Destruction, Final
No More – Suicide Commando
Ozzy Osbourne – Suicide Solution – Remastered Original Recording
PJ Harvey – Kamikaze
The Rock’n’Roll Kamikazes – Scusate seppuku
Shinedown – Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide
Suicide – Near Death Experience
Suicide – Dream Baby Dream
Suicide Commando – Love Breeds Suicide
Tha Misfit – Suicide Bomber Skit
Turn Me On Dead Man – Sunbeam Hara Kiri


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