Comet ISON & DHS Power Grid Shutdown

There is a perfect storm of opportunity forming around us for a domestic military coup and many people believe that’s exactly what is happening, shielded in the havoc of a currently building global natural disaster. The elements that embody this storm could be utilized to benefit humanity, but alas that does not seem to be the case. In reading what you are about to read, please keep in mind that when you examine the history of the U.S. and the facts, one discovers that we are not a nation at war, but rather a warring nation. The primary elements that are causing the calamity that is evolving around us is the Federal Government shutdown, war in the Middle-East and Comet ISON.  What could a seemingly harmless comet have to do with either the shutdown or a war you ask ?

The NY Times and Off the Grid News recently reported on an emergency FEMA area 3 Drill which is focused on a power grid shutdown (Grid-X).  The Department of Homeland Security has also made agreements for Russian and Israeli soldiers to provide ‘security’ at various events.  Janet Napolitano, formerdirector and face of The Department of Homeland Security just stepped down, making way for someone willing to make the tough choices that are about to befall them (Brutal Military General).  In her final comments before stepping down, she addressed a room full of reporters and stated that DHS is preparing for a large scale ‘cyber attack’ on our power grid and an ‘unprecedented natural disaster’ followed by massive civil unrest. Civil unrest seems like an easy thing to predict, or create, particularly considering our current governmental crisis. Most will chalk up the shutdown as political maneuvering that will resolve itself as soon as the right compromises are made and the party realizes how much pain and discomfort they are causing.

The shutdown comes coincidentally and exactly during one of the most important celestial events to occur in our solar system during all of recorded history.  Although the government is now funded, it’s only a temporary solution and the issue will come up again in January. In our skies over the next few months, it will appear as if the Earth has two Suns, as ISON lights up both the day and night skies beginning mid-November. Not coincidentally, Comet ISON, which has a core that is approximately 5 miles in diameter, will have just sling-shotted around the Sun and on its return home in early January. The Sun, planets and moons that embody our solar system are in a delicate balance and that balance is now being radically altered.  What should be the biggest news story of the century is experiencing a near complete media black out.

While the comet itself with not impact Earth, we are already being affected by its gravitational force and this will only grow stronger each day. Have you noticed our long lasting summer and weather calamities around the world?  While ISON impacting the Earth is not possible, in celestial terms, it should be considered a near miss and at it nearest point will be less than half the distance between Earth and our Sun. It is possible that the comet will break up near or collide with the Sun, which the scope of effect of this in the Earth would be impossible to predict, but none of it good.  The Earth and Sun are also in the process of a magnetic pole shift, which has always thought to occur slowing over a long period of time, is accelerating with the approach of ISON.

Key facts to consider. 

  • November 19thish,  ISON will be visible to the naked eye but is viewable now near Mars with telescope.
  • Novermber 29th, ISON will graze the Sun and sling-shot towards Earth into its return orbit.
  • December 26, ISON will be closest to earth at just 40 million miles, which is less than half the distance to the Sun itself. As this happens, from now till then, it will cause a gradually increasing disruption in the gravitational tether we have with the Sun and most likely cause disturbances in electronic equipment and our power grid and possibly the tectonic plates.
  • January 10thish,  the Earth will pass through, and be rotating within for approximately 13 days, the debris field that is trailing behind ISON in its wake.  In this debris field an ammonia based gas, comet dust which will settle in our atmosphere and millions of asteroids ranging in size from a golf ball to a football field.

Many people have been puzzled as to why DHS has been focusing on FEMA area 3 so much and now we have a clue. The effect of this event has been drastically under reported and is going to be the comet of the century.  Why isn’t NASA showing us a play by play ?  Well if they did, they wouldn’t be able to hide and would probably have difficulty giving answers to difficult questions, such as, ‘What is the exact effect the comet will have on Earth?’ and ‘What about the debris field?’.

“This can’t be true! I would have already known about this.” you say.  You’re probably thinking that if this were true and the government knew about it, of course they would tell us, Wouldn’t they ?  With the shut down going on, government officials have almost no accountability as to how they are spending their time and even though the lights are back on, everything is temporary. The refunding of the Federal budget is only good through mid January, which is also when we pass through the wake of Comet ISON. Now why wouldn’t they tell us?  Well, they would have to explain whey only the elite will be given space in the protected areas, and we will have to fend for ourselves, allowing them to live in safety until the chaos is over and they can emerge to rule over a decimated population and a New World Order in which to build.

Locally, Operation Urban Shield, October 25th-28th, 2013. is scheduled to train and arm local police forces by DHS and military training specialists. There are large scale protests scheduled at this event on the 25th and it’s possible that if violence erupts, we could see the beginnings of Martial Law in the Bay Area. Various sources are reporting that over 100,000 Russian and Israeli troops are in the U.S. for training as United Nation Peace Keepers and will participate in the policing of Americans in the case of natural disaster or martial law. In January, a portion of the Earth’s surface will begin to be bombarded with asteroids from the wake of ISON.  An unethical and war mongering government will have an easy excuse to launch an attack and tell the public that the incoming asteroids are really missiles from our enemies and an electrical grid shutdown can be blamed on a cyber attack.


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