Comet ISON & the Annunaki

Join Aslan and Al dada as we examine the facts, news and mythology surrounding the Comet ISON and offer historical context as to the secrecy around its approach.

News : Facts : Analysis : Context

October 22, 2013
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Today’s Topics

News You Don’t Want to Hear

Myth or History ?

The Annunaki and Comet ISON

Genetically Modified Humanity


Ignorant Bliss or Well Informed

Play List

Oblivion – Annunaki
Venom – Annunaki Legacy
Sexydeath – Bloody Spells Annunaki
Cold Blank – Annunaki – Original Mix
Apakalypse – C.hasing I.nterstellar A.nnunaki (feat. Apakalypse)
Gong Matrices – Annunaki
S Sider – Annunaki – Original Mix
Santiago Nino – Annunaki
Bryan Himes – Annunaki
HomeMade Acid – Annunaki
Steven K. Smith – Annunaki
Def P & Howling Coyotes – Annunaki
Stinky Soul – Return Of The Annunaki
Ghetto Vader – The Annunaki Dna
Dr. Dean-I – Annunaki
Nistagmuss – Message From Annunaki – Bootch Remix
Annunaki – Torture
Annunaki – Killer Instinct
Annunaki – Throne of the Annunaki
alionsonny – Annunaki – The Arrival
Dozic – Return of the Annunaki
Schema – Annunaki
Annunaki – 3600 Years On Earth
Ritual Reaper – Ancient Annunaki


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