Comet ISON & Benevolent Chemtrails

Art + Physics + Philosophy = Consciousness
October 21, 2013
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Today’s Topics

Long Time Lie

Poetry as Oracle

Force-field Earth

Benevolent Chemtrails

Foreign Soldiers in U.S.

The Beginning of the End

Life as we know it will Transmogrify

Depeche Mode Ushers in New World Order

Play List

Judas Priest – Prophecy
Snog – Hooray!!
Switchblade Symphony – Rampid
Rasputina – Draconian Crackdown
Powerman 5000 – When Worlds Collide
The Smiths – I Know It’s Over – 2011 Remastered Version
Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
The Smashing Pumpkins – Doomsday Clock
Switchblade Symphony – Soldiers
Joshua Ryan – Ison
Ministry – End Of Days (Pt. 1)
Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills
L. hortobágyi-gáyan Uttejak Orchestra – Ison
Pentarte Ensemble – Ison


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