The Sun’s Son ISON

dead beat poet

The people have their heads in the sand,
the message is before them clearly to see,
ignorant bliss is all they understand,
they’ll only realize when there’s no place left to flee.

The Earth’s polarity is shifting and when it does,
the equator and poles shift position as well,
the poles contract and the ice sheets detach just because,
the belt shifts position and the new equator swells.

When the ice sheet slips into the ocean,
a surge will occur on each and every beach,
what once was still will experience motion,
there will be no place to run or anyplace safe to reach.

ISON is glowing and getting brighter,
his father the Sun is flaring with mass ejection,
on November 19 our nights will become brighter,
prepare yourselves for self protection.

When the lights go out the people will riot,
food and water will be out of reach,

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