Revolutionary Resolutions

Join us for our first show of 2014! We will be discussing the coming year with expectations and our list of 10 resolutions, we as a people can make to take back our sovereignty and resist the New World Order & Agenda 21.
Joining us will be special guest, San Francisco environmentalist, Jessica Tovar.

Art + Physics + Philosophy = Consciousness

January 13, 2014
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Today’s Topics

ISON Debris Field is Here
West Virginia Freedom Industries and FEMA area 3
Bay Are Environmentalism
Art, Entertainment and Weapons of Mass Distraction
Fukushima Coverup : Why our government lies

Top 10 Revolutionary Resolutions

10. Cancel your cable T.V. It’ alters your consciousness towards the NWO.
9. Sell all of your stocks and invest in your local and regional communities.
8. Stop purchasing food and drink items manufactured by publicly traded companies.
7. Stop attending professional sporting events and connect to your local sporting communities.
6. Stop brushing your teeth with toothpaste that contains fluoride and decalsify your Pineal gland.
5. Plant organic fruits, vegetables and/or spices in your home and yard.
4. Educate yourself on so called ‘Conspiracy Theories’ and learn the history that is being hidden from you.
3. Store 30-90 days of food and water for emergencies.
2. Prepare a bug-out bag and have a plan for an emergency that requires you to abandon your home.
1. Join or start a local community or militia like organization.


West Virginia [false flag] Chemical Spill

Reducing Excessive Deadline Obligations Act

Play List

Depeche Mode – Secret To The End
Voltaire – The Industrial Revolution (And How It Ruined My Life)
Snog – 21st Century Lullaby
Rasputina – Humankind, as the Sailor
Mason – Resolutions
Tori Amos – Little Earthquakes
Craig ‘n Co – Fixing Up the World
Molotov – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (La Revo)
Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris
The Electric Mess – Falling Off the Face of the Earth


3 responses to “Revolutionary Resolutions

  1. Good show. I especially enjoyed hearing from Ms. Tovar.

    Here are some suggestions:

    – Your advocacy of US unilateralism plays into the agenda of the Neoconservatives who launched the invasion of Iraq.

    – Your opposition to sustainable development plays into the agenda of Tea Party real estate development interests.

    -Your opposition to food produced by publicly traded companies plays into the interests of privately controlled corporations.

    – Your participation in a Facebook conspiracy degrades the credibility of your anti-conspiratorial rhetoric.

    – Your exaggeration of the toxicity of fluoride is not nearly as impressive as pointing out that such additives to public water constitutes treatment without informed consent. (Lack of informed consent is also endemic in the psychiatric profession.)

    • Thanks for listening Sophia, though I disagree with each of your points. I have no advocacy of US unilateralism, I fully support sustainable development, I support independent farmers, have no idea what you mean by ‘Facebook conspiracy’. You’re right I did not cover the informed consent of our water supply be drugged, but I don’t believe the issue can be exaggerated.

      • You advocate American sovereignty over international cooperation which is a form of unilateralism. If you fully supported sustainable development you would not be against Agenda 21. Supporting independent farmers will take more than simply boycotting food produced by publicly traded corporations. You mentioned on your show that you interact with people on Facebook. That could be considered a conspiracy. Claiming that fluoride causes apathy is quite an exaggeration. I am familiar with people who were raised with fluoride in their drinking water combined with fluoride in their toothpaste and dental treatments without a hint of apathy. If you know of a study that supports that claim, I would be interested in reading it.

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