Lacanian Jouissance

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Lacanian Jouissance
March 10, 2014
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Join us today with psychoanalysts, Jaques Siboni and John Gasperoni as we discuss Lacanian philosophy, topology, history, theory and practice. We will be discussing major themes of Lacan’s work such as The Big and Little Other, Mirror Stage, Jouissance and more.

Jaques and JohnJaques Siboni and John Gasperoni
Today’s Topic and Guests
Jacques Marie Émile Lacan – was born in 1901, was an admirable student, and excelled especially at Latin and philosophy. He studied at the Faculté de Médecine de Paris, and worked with patients suffering from délires ý deux, or “automatism,” a condition in which the patient believes his actions, writing, or speech, are controlled by an outside and omnipotent force. Lacan wrote his thesis for his doctorat d’état in 1932 titled De la psychose paranoïaque dans ses rapports avec la personnalité, in which he drew a connection between phsychiatric medicine and psychoanalysis, In his lifetime, Lacan extended the field of psychoanalysis into philosophy, linguistics, literature and mathematics, through close readings of Freud and continued clinical practice. (Wiki)


Jaques Siboni was trained as a Medical Doctor and psychiatrist whose thesis was to build and create an expert system integrating all of the DSM III rules (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — American Psychiatric Association). He also trained as an engineer in computer science and electronics at the time. From 1980 to 1986 he was involved in Artificial Intelligence projects which included building a system able to automatically analyse a corpus of Jacques Lacan’s quotations. Since 1995, he’s been working in psychiatric institutions for abused children, drug addicts, deaf children and teenagers with major speech disorders. Presently, his major research focus is automatic language processing systems, topology, and logic. He has e been a Founding member of Dimensions de la Psychanalyse, Paris., Founding member of TCPP — Théorie et Clinique des Pathologies de la Pensée, Paris, Lettre de Topologie, Paris. Founding member of Lutecium, Paris, Member and former president of Centre de Recherche en Psychanalyse et Écritures, Paris, Member of Insistance, Paris.

John Gasperoni is an independent Mental Health Care Professional in the San Francisco bay area with current and past relationships with S.F. Society for Lacanian Studies and the Tenderloin Outpatient Clinic. He holds a Ph.D in Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies.

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