Global Consciousness Oppression

S.C.R.E.A.M. for P.e.a.c.e.
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July 21, 2014
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 Organized Oppression

War on Your Consciousness
Oversimplified Conflict
Ruling Class Rules
What You See and What You Hear
Gaza Holocaust
Don’t Blame Israel
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Psycho Roommate from Mission Hell

S.C.R.E.A.M. for P.e.a.c.e.
Art + Physics + Philosophy = Consciousness

Multi-World Domination Timetrack

Art + Physics + Philosophy = Consciousness
184080 cover.indd

Real-World Domination

Join us as we explore the timeline of history and world domination from 1400 BCE to 1400 CE.

In part two we will examine the present day players in gaining and keeping control of the word and how they are doing it.


If we make it to Part Three without meeting an unfortunate accident, we will discuss 3 potential futures based on past observations and current experiences.

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Part 1
September 30, 2013
Part 2
October 7, 2013

Part 1 : The Past

Conquerors throughout time who thought they were great.


GENGHIS KHAN : 1162-1227 CE
TAMERLANE : 1336-1405 CE

Part 2 : The Present


World War We
Red Shield Warriors
International Banking Cartel
Global Economic Warfare

Part 3 : Three Possible Futures

Supported by an international cast of characters.

A Culture of Crazy
Star Wars is Real
Electronic Satellite Lazer  Weapons

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Part 1
Spin Doctors – Cleopatra’s Cat

Mare Nostrum Café – Roman Empire
Nico – Julius Caesar
Imperial Brass – Cyrus the Great
Iron Maiden – Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.)
Iron Mask – Genghis Khan
Mr & Misfits – Ottoman Funk
Javier Bergia – Suleimán
Geoff Berner – Queen Victoria
Relax Around the World Studio – Memories of Hirohito
John Jones – Hitler Has Only Got One Ball
Jeffrey Lewis and The Rain – The Fall Of The Soviet Union
Feral Children – Baby Joseph Stalin
You Judas – American Empire
The Beatnigs – C.I.A.

Part 2
K.SON – Everbody Wants to Rule the World
Megadeth – Holy Wars…The Punishment Due – 2004 Digital Remaster
Warhound – World Domination Operation
7 Shot Screamers – World Domination Ball
Korn – Illuminati – feat. Excision and Downlink
Tears For Fears – Shout

!Serial Killer Terrorism : Black Dahlia Avenger & Zodiac Killer Solved! [Book Review & Analysis]

Serial Killer Terrorism

Black Dahlia – Zodiac Killer


When retired Los Angeles homicide Detective Steve Hodel was seeing to the final affairs of his 91 year old father, Dr. George Hodel Jr. who had passed away in 1999, he had no idea the emotionally tortuous adventure that lay before him. His father it turns out, was one of the most notorious serial killers in American history and responsible for the calculated and cold blooded abduction, ritualistic torture and murder of dozens of innocent women, men and children. If you don’t recognize the name Hodel, that is no accident, but you are no doubt familiar with his handy-work, the Black Dahlia, Zodiac and Lipstick murders spanning decades beginning in 1943, possibly sooner.  The book is a real page turner and more than proves the truism that truth indeed is stranger than fiction. The facts are there that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Dr. George Hodel Jr. was the executioner and ringleader of many unsolved murders, but there are still many questions still to be answered.

The only inaccurate information I could identify in the book was on page 56, claiming George Hodel Jr. was just an American child growing up in California, nothing more. George Jr. was anything but a normal kid growing up in California. In addition to the intellectual gifts he was born with, his family was part of the elite class and he was afforded every opportunity without ever a concern for finances. Hodel’s genius also came with a complete disregard for human life, which most likely became apparent as he was a young crime reporter, or sooner. This would have been a very attractive asset to underworld and secret society figures in which he had regular contact. He was indeed part of the elite class and without a doubt a serial killer, and unless caught red handed, had no fear of ever being apprehended. Exactly what was the nature of his protection? What exactly did he do in the military? He was granted a General’s title without having to climb the ranks which requires friends in very high places. Was his position strictly medical or was that a cover for intelligence work? Due do military connections and his cross boarder actions, it seems that his protection was international in scope and without limitations. He killed with impunity across state and international borders. This was a conspiracy of epic proportions which included L.A. Police officers, District Attorneys, Hollywood film moguls, newspaper editors and the Fine Art elite, all involved in the cover-up of serial murders, an abortion ring and who knows what else. How can this not be considered a death cult? The only question that remains is the exact nature of rituals and the cult or shadow society in which this was a part.


Inspector Hodel received a dose of unpleasant reality when he took his findings to the L.A. Police to present his flawlessly prepared evidence and announce that he had solved one of their most famous open cases. He should have been received with fan-fare and welcoming arms with accolades and commendations. And why not? He had just solved one of the greatest crime mysteries in American history. Although receiving solid validation from many of his peers, a cold shoulder is what he received from the officer in charge of the case and claimed he didn’t have to review the evidence. Why not announce to the public that a serial killer case has been solved and possibly bring some relief to any surviving family members? We now know that some high ranking and corrupt cops were in on it. Not all of them of course, just the ones at the top and their henchman. It seems obvious to me; the cover-up is still going on, which also means the corrupt power structures that that were in place then, are still in place today.

While reviewing the timeline and the very many people that allowed the killing to continue, we see that this was not just a lone narcissistic sadist and pathological bloodthirsty psychopathic mass murderer who preyed on innocents and liked toying with cops. These were calculated kills by groups of people working in tandem. Something glaringly jumped out as I was reviewing and comparing the timeline of the Black Dahlia and Zodiac killings with world events, which caused me to lose my breath as a pulsating sense of fear ran through my body and soul that still persists as I write this. The dates of the murder sprees coincide perfectly with the dates of the preemptive Zionist controlled Israeli attacks on Palestine beginning November 1947 and the Six-Day Invasion in June 1967. After a long and serious contemplation about the nature of warfare and propaganda, it makes sense. Create a public relations diversion and plaster the front pages of every newspaper possible with a serial killer at large and relegate the war news to the back pages. My first thought was that if he was part of Mossad, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, then he and at least some of his colleagues would have to have an extremist Zionist background.


As it turns out, the killer’s parents were wealthy Jewish immigrants who changed their name from Glodgefter to Hodel in order to hide their ancestry in the New World. Ester Leov, George Jr’s mother was most likely descended from French aristocracy and his father a “banker”. The Hodels lived in a mansion designed by a famous Russian architect and George Jr. at an early age was sent to France where he was educated by Madame Montessori of the Montessori school, and while there he lived with Count and Countess Troubetzkoy. Hardly a normal childhood and one must wonder when his indoctrination truly began. The parents of his good friend, world famous artist and co-conspirator, Man Ray, were also Jewish immigrants.

Could one claim that Dr. Hodel would not betray his country because he was a man in uniform? Let’s keep in mind that he molested and impregnated his own daughter, drugged and took nude photographs of his unconscious granddaughter, murdered dozens of people in cold blood for what seems to be most of his life. He also had many friends in very high places that allowed him to live a long and opulent life, as a wonderful monster. It’s unlikely that American patriotism was his only redeeming value. If the Black Dahlia and Zodiac killings were the Psyops (psychological warfare operations) part of the war campaign, then it would mean that the group behind the monster had to be Mossad.  History is full of examples of conquering solders raping, beating, and torturing before finally putting their victims out of their misery with a final deadly blow. Why rape and torture before killing the target? Because the executioners have been conditioned to derive joy and pleasure in the excruciating pain they are inflicting. It becomes part of the ritual, like drinking the blood of a young deer hunter‘s first kill, or eating the still beating heart of a recently slain enemy or ceremonial victim. Considering what we know about him, is there anything besides empathy in which he was not capable?

It seems the victims were not killed in a ritualistic manner but rather sacrificed as part of a ceremonial ritual. Could Dr. Hodel’s parties been more than highly charged sex parties, but maybe ritualistic and ceremonial killings where everyone in the group delivers a blow to the still living victim before the fatal strike, such as a matador does to a bull, as part of their initiation? In the case of Elizabeth Short, each of the ritual participants played the role of the Matador and she was the bull. That would certainly be a binding experience and the symbol of a matador and bull already plays prominently in this true crime story.

Man Ray’s MINOTAURE : 1934-35

Man Ray’s MINOTAURE : 1934-35

Dr. Hodel was overseas when he had to suddenly return to the U.S. in 1946 for personal reasons. Could this reason be to  plan and carry out one of the most heinous propaganda driven murder sprees in American history? One could easily  make the argument that the 1948 & 1967 correlations were simply a meaningless coincidence with nothing to do with  each other. Regardless, whether a premeditated Psyops murder campaign or happenstance, the effect was the same.  Fear and terror had been ignited in the hearts of a citizenry of potential victims with thousands of newspaper articles  and newscasts. People everywhere were discussing, analyzing and theorizing as to what was behind the grotesque  killing of a string of individual murders, while most were unlikely aware of the organized mass murder happening in the  Middle-East with their tax dollars. A great reason to keep them distracted.

On the surface, Mossad is Israel’s intelligence division, which brings to mind secret spy missions and unapologetic targeted assassinations, but it is much more than that. The word Mossad translates to “The Institute” and their motto is “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”. Mossad is so important, its leader’s identity is kept secret and he is one of the three people required to authorize the launch of a nuclear weapon. Their only concept of peace is unconditional surrender. “One shot, two kills” is one of their popular slogans when describing killing a pregnant woman. Could the Black Dahlia and other murders be part of a murderous Psyops carried out by Mossad’s virtuoso assassin, Dr. George Hodel? When your business is committing war crimes, why not? Part of the word Assassin is derived from the word hashish, because it was part of the training ritual to smoke hash before killing in order to reach a higher level of consciousness during the act. It is well documented that Dr. Hodel used drugs during his parties (rituals).

What if the true target of the decade’s long murders sprees was the public consciousness and the victims’ were just unlucky conduits to the front page? What were the true and complete effects of entire cities of people feeling terrorized? While the front pages of newspapers were covered with these killings, what was being relegated to the back pages and footnotes? Every war has two major components, the battle field and the home front. The battle field is where bombs are dropped, bullets fired and enemies meet. The home front is much larger and just as important because the people fighting the war need to know that their cause is just and they will make mom and dad proud back home. The propaganda component of every major war consists of a steady stream of disinformation and distractions peppered with just enough truth to be believable. The notes were not written for the police and shared with the press. The notes were written to induce and spread a sense of fear and terror in the souls of a distracted public who thought they might be next.

dahlia note

The victims were chosen because of their innocent nature and maximum terror impact both during the action and the  aftermath. They were the ‘everyday girl and boy’ that could be anyone. Should the victims have has some sort of sordid  character, it would have seemed like a lone vigilante at work more than a psychotic serial killer. Anyone could be next.  While young lovers all over America were looking over their shoulders wherever they went contemplating their own  demise, tens of thousands of innocent Arabs were meeting theirs. The indirect targets were citizens of 1040’s Los  Angeles and the Summer of Love in San Francisco. How interested in Middle-East politics would you be if there was  a  killer on the loose in your neighborhood and you might be on their target list?

Like the conquering empire builders before them, Zionist forces with American equipment and funding have murdered tens of thousands of un-armed civilians and displaced hundreds of thousands more to refugee status in their conquest of Palestine. Carving up a few bodies in America seems like a small price to pay if it keeps the Americans unaware and distracted while delivering a terrorist blow to their consciousness. When considering the foresight, planning, resources and complete lack of humanity necessary to devise a war plan that includes the genocide of an entire population, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched that they would send in one of their most brilliant assassins to create a media frenzy that would be both a diversion for the masses and weaken the social fabric of their other battle field. Was Dr. Hodel really a legendary international assassin who killed without restraint or remorse and then displayed his trophies for the world to see? Has he baffled and beguiled generations of law enforcement officers and the greater public for over 50 years, while behind the scenes an undercover Mossad assassination legend and hero?

Based on the evidence at hand, I believe that Dr. George Hodel Jr. was a double agent assassin extraordinaire for the Mossad and an international terrorist. The Black Dahlia and Zodiac Killer murders were not only the work of a deranged sex maniac serial killer, but also a well-organized terrorist attack conducted on the consciousness of the American people to distract them from noticing that they were paying for the coinciding massacres occurring in Palestine.


Afterthought: There are still some unanswered questions that if answered may further validate this theory. Were any of the victims of Zionist decent? This is important because extreme Zionists believe they are the chosen people and constitute the Human Race. They believe other races are more or less dogs and slaves to be dealt with accordingly. Should he be a member of Mossad and the targets were not of Semitic decent, then they would not have been considered human and less than collateral damage. Was there any common thread between the known victims and their spouses and families? The murder of a spouse or other family member would cause a disruption in anyone’s life and if there was a strong message to be sent, the brutal death of a loved one sends just that. If possible, a complete audit of all known financial records of George Hodel and his parents should be made. Follow the money. Were any of the known obstructionists connected to extremist Zionism or other secret societies?

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Mobbing & Organized Gang Stalking in San Francisco

Art + Physics + Philosophy = Consciousness

May 20, 2013

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Today’s Topics

Gang Stalking in San Francisco

Gang Stalking in the News

DHS : FBI : CIA : Your Friend

The New Domestic Cold War

Targeted Individuals

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A-ha – Take On Me
Nekromantix – Haunted Cathouse
Assemblage 23 – Ambush (1994)
Tom Waits – Knife Chase
Propaganda – The Chase
Buckethead – Chase The Darkness Out
In My Rosary – Wild Chase
Wednesday 13 – Haunt Me
Stabbing Westward – Haunting Me
We Were Skeletons – Haunting the Ghost
Corpus Delicti – Haunting Pictures
Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches
Kronos Quartet – Kevin Volans – Hunting: Gathering – No. 1 LP Version
MeWithoutYou – Wolf Am I! (and Shadow)

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Slaying Emotional Vampires

They are all around us by day and by night,
sucking everyone dry without even trying.
To them they are never wrong and always right,
the rest of us do most of the work and all of the dieing.

They make us think that we feel for them,
all the time taking without giving care.
To them they are the flower and we are the stem,
they sometimes think of kindness but don’t ever dare.

They think we live to make them great,
making us wince and cry all the time.
To get what they want they use lies sex and hate,
behind their flashy smile lay green rotting slime.

They will take your money admiration attention and love,
until all that is left is your body with some blood.
To them we are all below and of course they are above,
when they say they are helping they are full of crud.

Antisocials are addicted to excitement and Histrionics live for attention,
Narcissists believe they are gods gift and are always seeking youth.
Obsessive compulsives seem too good to be true as they often mention,
Paranoids prowl the night seeking their simple one and only truth.

They only need everything whenever they desire,
their power comes from weakness and not strength.
Maintain your self control to connect with something higher,
always have a challenge in front of you for the whole length.
The last thing we need in our lives right now is another emotional vampire.

Free Will Programming

 Free will is not a given and for most it is taken at birth
you are only allowed to choose from the items presented
how much time do you spend thinking before you speak
probably not much at all with reality misrepresented

environmental programming occurs on a relative blue Earth
synaptic pathways establish residency with early mirroring
free will is first established with what parents say and tweak
your only choice is a warning to choose your sub-programing

our subconscious is awake while speaking and deciding worth
you are as free as the ruling classes wants your thoughts to be
industry revolutionized what it was that people want to seek
quickly followed by the sprouting of an enlightened era to see.

Narcissism and Passive-Aggressive Behavior

We’ve all experienced passive-aggressive behavior in one form or another, either on the giving or receiving end.  Teasing a sibling, a joke at a friends expense or telling a half-truth to a parent.  It can show itself at anytime and anyplace where there are two or more egos at work. In small doses it can be annoying and sometimes funny. When exercised by the ego driven narcissist, it can lead to psychological torture, personal tragedy and even fatality.

While differing with outright aggressive and combative behavior, the passive aggressor results to obstructionist activity and psychic resistance to following through on expectations and obligations at the expense of another, or others.  Their actions are marked by a permeating pattern of negative attitudes and passivity, unwarranted criticism, usually unacknowledged resistance toward positive progress in interpersonal or occupational situations and relationships. Although it can be exerted by strangers, it is more commonly observable with friends, family and colleagues.

Passive-aggressive behavior can manifest itself consciously and subconsciously as active or imagined helplessness, procrastination, unyielding obstinacy, personal resentment and deliberate-repeated failure to accomplish agreed upon tasks and objectives for which they have accepted responsibility; all veiled in the appearance of friendship, love and camaraderie. Emanating from the primary instinct to survive, the passive-aggressive narcissist crosses the line of disorder by quietly deriving emotional pleasure with the observance of the negative and frustrating effects of their actions and non-actions. Being nice and mean at the same time, is their emotional addiction.

Imagine for a moment you are paddling a canoe forward towards a goal and there are others paddling with you. While you have trusting people at your back offering positive reinforcementand actions by paddling with you, even when you are not looking, the passive aggressors sit toward the back and only paddle when you take the time to turn around and interact with them. When your attention is diverted, they stop paddling, or worse, put their oars in the water to slow the trip down or change direction.

Proximal Influence

We are our ego, and narcissistic tendencies are drivers to live and survive. As our birth yields the beginning of conflict and satisfaction, the unfolding of our psychic development is accomplished with a Universal structure of unconsciousness, as language and images. The formative and deformative power of narcissistic tendency development begin with the family, and how the complexes manifest. The seeds of aggression and passive-aggression are planted here.

Below are examples of three basic complexes as set forth in Lacan‘s “Les Complexes Familiaux”.

  • Weaning:  primordial relationship with mother
  • Intrusion:  relationship with siblings, rivalry-jealousy
  • Oedipus :  love for one parent and rivalry with the other

Freud’s Complexes Illustrated

Narcissism, at its core, is libidinal in nature. While all living species have the natural instinct to survive, primary narcissism, it is the secondary narcissism that makes us unique in our psychic development, therefore human.  Phenomenologically, much of our psychic activity is unconscious and subject to pre-depositional bias, environmental and cultural influences.  While it is impossible to reduce consciousness and primary ego identification, the subconscious is continuously influenced by desire and culturally relativistic experiences.  Instincts are driven and are in direct relationship to the (objects) of the desire and the unconscious nature of libido.

While well adapted and psychically developed humans  experience various forms of love and relationships, the narcissistic passive-aggressor is subjugated to observance. They never achieve emotional fulfillment or relational bliss because their basic nature is to harm those around them, either directly (consciously) or indirectly (subconsciously). They are emotional leeches.

Images  cannot exist independently from the subject, therefore every subject, thought or concept, is somehow connected either directly with the conscious or indirectly with thesubconsciousness.

The love line